The History of Ye Olde Bucks Head Inn

Frankwell circa.1960'sThis view is looking up Frankwell towards the Mount. The white building in the centre is Ye Olde Bucks Head Inn. In 1835 Samuel Beech was the landlord, he died in 1841 and then his wife Mary Beech took over as landlady. Their son James Beech was a blacksmith plying his trade in yard at the rear. The building is dated before this date, going back to the 1600’s. We are currently in the process of gathering the history back to this date.


Previously known as ‘Frankville’. This name refers to the fact that in the 17th century traders within the bridges of the town paid a levy on sales similar to the VAT of today. If you resided or worked just outside the bridges you were exempt from this levy. Certain traders took advantage of this and built their settlements and developed just on the Welsh side of the Welsh Bridge and did not, therefore, pay the levy - hence the name ‘free town’.
During the 17th and 18th centuries, considerable river traffic and some 300 - 400 boats were piled for hire between Bristol and Shrewsbury. The ‘ports’ of Shrewsbury were at Mardol and Frankwell. Hence the modern names of Mardol Quay and Frankwell Quay.

Frankwell is often referred to as the ‘Little Boro’ because of its origins and strong independent nature.


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